Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fuelling Your Car on a Budget

Without a doubt we use our cars more here in Australia than we ever did in the UK. The main reason for this is because everything is more remote out and 'corner shops' don't exist. The public transport isn't fantastic, unless you want to travel to the city, and taxis rarely take you on journeys that are less than 20 minute drives.

Luckily for us fuel here in Perth is much cheaper than in the UK, plus discount fuel vouchers are easier to get hold of and offer more discount than those Tesco 1p per litre vouchers we used to get.

When we arrived we never really took any notice of the petrol prices, although we did know it changed everyday. We were luckily that money wasn't tight, so it didn't really matter, and we only had one small car. Circumstances have now changed, we have upgraded our little Hyundai Excel to a Suzuki Grand Vitara and a Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo. As you can imagine, both cars chew a lot of fuel and we are driving further than we used to.

During our 'frugal living' plans we had to look at everything we spent our money on and how to reduce each cost. We had been told that Wednesdays were cheaper fuel days and that we should shop at Coles or Woolworths so we could get the discount fuel vouchers.

We did some calculations......

These calculations are based on filling up the Suzuki at our local Shell petrol Station. We usually fill this car up 40litres a week as it is used mainly for travelling to the city and back each day.

Cost per Litre on Wednesday 5th November WITH a 4c per litre Coles fuel voucher - $1.30 p/l
Cost per Litre on Thursday 6th November WITHOUT a Coles fuel voucher - $1.48 p/l

So that is a difference of 18c per litre! 

Big deal? If you look at the money you save over a year it is!

Based on the above calculations:
Filling up on a Wednesday                   Filling up on a Thursday
= $2704 per year                               = $3078.40 per year

Difference of $374.40 per year, per car! 

Obviously this is an estimate based on past fuel prices, we are aware that the prices change throughout the year and differ on where you live. 

For us, with two cars, we can save approximately $740 a year by being smart when we fill up!

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