Sunday, 30 November 2014

SpudShed - Cheap as Chips!

Two months ago I asked a question on the Poms in Perth Facebook site about how they live on a budget and where they suggest I could buy my groceries for less. 99% of the comments were really helpful and some even sent me some recipes of their own. I felt very overwhelmed with the responses, including invitations for dinner and food drop off points, but the one place that most people suggested was SpudShed.

SpudShed is basically an indoor fresh food market and has stores all across WA. We decided to go check it out, and after looking online the closest one to us was Kelmscott. So armed with $100 and a list of key foods we needed, we headed off to see what all the fuss was about.

It was a Frugal livers dream! We managed to get everything on our list and more for $80.

Some of the bargains we loved were;

  • 10kg Brown Onions for $2.99
  • 10kg White Potatoes for $3.99 
  • 1kg of Carrots for $0.79 
  • 2 huge iceberg lettuce's for $1.00
Most people laughed at us when we said we bought 10kgs of onions as it is a rather large amount. Our logic was that even if we only used 5kgs we still saved money compared to buying them at Coles or Woolworths. Currently 1kg of onions at Coles comes to $2.49 and our 10kg's only cost an extra 50c. Obviously we couldn't use 10kg's before they all went out of date so I did some googling about how to freeze them. It turns out you can dice and slice onions and place them in freezer bags and freeze for when you need them. It took a few hours to peel and chop, plus myself and Scott had to tag team the chopping as my eyes kept streaming.

We did the same with the potatoes too which we will explain on another post.

We would recommend going to your local Spudshed if your looking to top up on fruit, veg and meat products as they are far better priced than the other supermarkets.

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