Friday, 2 January 2015

Making Outdoor Seating From Recycled Crates

As Summer begins and the evenings last longer we decided that we needed to improve our home by building some outdoor seating. The cost of a basic outdoor sofa and chairs is anywhere between $1500-$2000, an obvious expense we couldnt afford.

While I have been off work I've become addicted to Pinterest and finding ways to improve your home  on a budget. At Scotts work they have lots of old wooden pallets which weren't being used so I asked him if he was able to create something like this.....

He took on the challenge and came up with this........

He did a fantastic job and in total it cost us a whopping $40 which was the cost of the metal hinges which keep the back rests in place. 

After a woman's touch and a spot of paint the finished product looks like this.....

Im over the moon with how it turned out and its saved us a lot of money compared to if we bought it from a store. 

Looking forward to spending many evenings drinking and eating around this seating area :-) 

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